Astrology is a vast subject that explores the connection between mankind and the broader cosmos. It involves the movement of planets and their impact on the lives of human beings.

At AUM KARMA, we have designed a complete astrology course that will take you through the history, development in Astrology, different planets and how they impact our lives.

AUM KARMA has brought a repository of Astrology where you would dive deep into different zodiac signs. You will understand the different traits and impacts of each planet. Learn how to read birth charts and make predictions. There are 12 houses in our birth chart, which are the map of our lives. These 12 houses stand for money, communication, home, creativity, fame, love and more.

In this course, you will learn about:

  • What is Astrology and its history
  • How to read a horoscope
  • What are different zodiac signs
  • Understanding the planetary placement
  • Knowing about the Sun, the Moon
  • The role and meaning of houses 1 to 5
  • The role and meaning of houses 6 to 12
  • How to get the interpretation out of the birth chart/horoscope
  • What are transits
  • What are Moon phases and more

Neera Sareen is a famous Astrology Practitioner and has been practising astrology for the last many years. She provides a state of the art learning for astrology. Enrol for this course now!

Vedic Astrology: Basic Beginners Course

Principles of Vedic Astrology

Lagna Kundali

Houses & Rashis

Planet Nature

Strength and Weakness

Effects of the Lord in different houses

Nakshatra Report

Mahadashas and other sub dashas

Mayapurusha Yogas


Practice Sessions

Two Case Reports  Submission

WhatsApp Support

Vedic Astrology: Advance Level 2


Prashan Kundali

Navamsha – D9

Yogas and Vargaas

D-10 Chart

Mahadasha, Antardasha and Pratyantar Dasha


Sade Satti


Mahurat and much more.

Session Glimpses