Guiding Towards living a spiritual way of life

Through Spiritual Gym, Neera Sareen is guiding towards living a spiritual way of life. If you practice and adopt these, you will help yourself become a calmer and joyful human being.

Get Ready For the Internal Transformation

What happens when a larva is in an incubator called cocoon for many days? It grows and metamorphoses into a beautiful butterfly. So, to believe each of us are going to be ‘Renewed’ at the end of this Incubation period. It’s time for Internal Transformation to usher in each one of us and for this only Spirituality can rescue us.

We believe…. Self-love, Self-healing and Realisations are of utmost importance to sail through life.


By practicing spiritual gym, you will learn to pray with your inner soul, feelings and emotions. You will create a positive life by praying the Almighty.


By practicing spiritual gym, you will learn the art of blessing others and see how magical things happen in your and other people’s lives.


Forgive those who have hurt you, let go of the control that troubles you, revive your lost passion and inner child play.

What do we teach in Spiritual Gym?



With Meditation, the mind goes calm, emotions gain strength and therefore our Pranic Energy enables us to overcome any calamity.


Mantra Chanting

With Mantra Chanting, we build up positivity in thoughts and emotion. The belief helps us to overcome any fear.

Vedanta Talks

Talks- Vedanta

Vedanta is one of the most ancient religious philosophies in the world. With the help of vedantas, there is divinity of the soul and the harmony in various religions.


Reviving the Ancient practice of the Vedic times. Simple yet Scientific, the therapy is utilized for Self-Empowerment as a Spiritual practice, for cleansing and purifying the Space Energies, to fulfil a wish, to eradicate disease and black magic and remove negative energies. Homa can be performed on any occasion or as a daily routine. The effect of a Homa is tremendous, it purifies 3 km radius of the environment around you. Reisin along with Homa creates a very powerful energy towards elevating and cleansing the space.

Satsung My Time

There are talks, Mantra Chanting, Meditation & studying the Adwaita philosophy. SELF ENQUIRY- Teachings of Bhagwan Maharishi Ramana. Doing Satsung is the most important need of the hour. It is so important to raise the positive, powerful energetic vibrations of everyone to heal the suffering planet.

It is so important to build up the faith and belief in self and the universe. It is so important to heal & bless this beautiful planet when it is showing signs of perish. The collective Spiritual strength can win any calamity, any disaster. Spiritual healers will never allow the energies to dip down no matter what.

Spiritual Wellness

 This workshop aims to lead you towards a Spiritual way of life, a life which is peaceful, joyful and stress free.

The knowledge of the right Holistic Diet, water intake, Breathwork, Creative Visualizations, Power of the subconscious mind, Manifestations, Mental and Emotional training, Gratitude exercises and living in conscious Awareness. If you wish to stay happy 24 x 7, then this is the workshop that you need to attend.

If you wish to stay happy 24 x 7, then you can’t afford to miss joining Spiritual Wellness at AUM KARMA.

Yogic Practices

Practice yoga and by doing pranayama, learn the art of calming your mind, body and soul. Enjoy everything that happens in your life but never make your happiness dependent on an attachment to anything, place or person. We must at all times refuse to have our inner world conflicted by anyone at any time. Everyday, cleanse your Toxic World.

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We plan a lot, but at the end of the day, only that happens, which is universally planned. Man proposes, and God disposes. Make plans and goals but start living in the present. Love others and try surrendering where there is no requirement. And you will find that life becomes simpler and uncomplicated.