Tarot Reading

Neera Sareen is an Internationally Renowned Tarot Card Master with an experience of 25 years. You can sort guidance for yourself with respect to solving any problems in life.

Angel Card Reading

Neera Sareen is a Certified Angel Practitioner. She guides through the Angel Cards, Angel Channelling and initiates Healings with the help of the Angelic Realm.

Coffee Cup Reading

Neera Sareen is the most famous Coffee Cup Reader .You can gain insights into your relationships, finances, health, career and much more with the help of a Coffee Cup Reading Session.

Mokshapat Reading

Take a Mokshapat Reading session from Neera Sareen, who gives an indepth understanding of the soul’s journey and karmic infliction from Birth to Liberation. Gain insights into your life’s purpose and patterns.

Tea Leaf Reading

Discover the magic waiting inside the teacup. Neera Sareen is an Expert Tea-Leaf Reader and can help you in guiding through this modality with her experience of Reading Tea leaves for over a decade now.


Correct your companies and businesses names. Give energy to your visiting cards. Take guidance for the importance of different numbers in your life and see the magic of numbers unfolding.

Energy Vaastu

Neera Sareen is a Renowned Energy Vaastu Consultant and can help you balance the elements in your commercial/residential place. She can help you with finding out Vaastu Doshas and scanning of the Space energies and Aura. She is a Certified Geopathic Engineer too.

Crystal Healing

Neera Sareen is an expert in Crystal healing. She has been practicing it to heal her clients suffering from various organic and inorganic health issues.She also provides genuine crystal products that protect you from negative energies and to build up a strong Aura.

Aura Reading

Neera Sareen is a known Aura Reader. She has been using Aura photography along with scanners and other tools to carry out Aura analysis for the body, Chakras and Space Energies.

Color Bottle Reading

Neera Sareen practices Color Bottle Reading. It is to understand the balance of elements and Chakras through the various combinations of Colors. This is also known as Aura Soma therapy.

Reiki Healing

Reiki helps in healing various illness and diseases. It improves the effectiveness of medical treatments and medicines as an alternate therapy. Neera Sareen as an inborn healer, heals and regulates the flow of life energy through the body, Nadis and areas of concern.

Theta Healing

Neera Sareen is a Theta Practitioner and offers Theta healing services for all types of diseases and problems. This is a very effective healing process.

Lenormand Card Reading

Get guidance and predictions through this profound and accurate Divination technique . Neera Sareen has been personally trained by the International Lenormand Masters in the United States.

Crystal Ball Gazing

Neera Sareen is an expert in Crystal Ball Gazing. Consult her for predictions related to health, finances, relationships decision-making, career and more. Unleash the depths of divination now.


Neera Sareen is a very good Rune Reader. Runes come in a set of 24 alphabetic symbols. Her predictions are accurate and insightful. This is an age old ancient technique that has immense value and potential in the Intuitive field.

Wine Reading

Get ready for accurate Readings and in-depth insights by the magic of wine reading. Neera is a Celebrity Wine Reader across the country.
Oinomancy is the most interesting technique towards delving into the deepest areas of life.

Emotional Freedom Technique

Neera has been practicing EFT for the last 15 years.
This modality helps in treating fears, phobias, habits and patterns very effectively.

Psychic Reading

As a Clairvoyant, Neera does phenomenal Readings and gives utmost clarity in whatever has been sought for. Bestowed as a Grace upon her, the visions recieved are so meaningful.

Spiritual Coaching

As a Spiritualist, Neera has been studying the Upanishads and Vedanta, practicing the path of ‘Self Enquiry’ and is passing the knowledge to seekers to be able to live a Spiritual Way of Life. Her mantra goes…’Self Love to Self Attainment’ and has immersed in the symbol AUM, very close to her being.


As a Meditation Coach, Neera takes you through a journey of a very basic to the most intense Meditative practices. One gets to master Mindfulness and Silence under her guidance and coaching sessions.
Neera has a very soothing voice which makes every guided Meditation of hers extremely healing and experiential.


Neera, a Blue Iris Trainer USA, has been practicing and teaching this amazing Healing and Remedial Modality. She guides most accurately to use Switchwords in addressing any area of life.These are a combination of powerful words, phrases and frequential numbers but when used give the most instant results. There is much more of use in this modality and its efficacy is mind blowing.