Did you know that a glass of wine gives such in-depth insights? These details can be your personality traits, health, finances, relationships, career, and more. Wine Reading is an interesting and ancient form of divination that is used to predict, guide towards the unknown. It’s an extremely fascinating tool. It is also known as Oinomancy and has been popular in predicting the future.

Through sediments settled at the bottom of the Wine glass after drinking it, the insights are drawn.  These patterns help in understanding the various hidden truths about the seeker.

There are some great stories and reasons behind Wine Reading and its offering to the Gods. For instance, in ancient Greece and Rome, the wine was offered to the Gods hoping that they would bestow them with a prosperous future. Similarly, in ancient Greece, the wine was associated with the god of merry making called Dionysus. In Rome, too, the Priestess Bacchante performed the Wine reading.

Wine reading exists in higher societies where people are interested in taking wine and are curious to know about their future.

Neera Sareen is a Renowned and Wine Reader and has been practising Wine Reading for the last 10 years. Enroll in this super-interesting course and dive deep into the magic of wine and fortune-telling.

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