Switchwords are one-word affirmations. This is the most fastest, effective Healing and Remedial Modality. The sole purpose is to heal Self and others. Switchwords help us to create a perfect life. These are powerful single, pair of words and phrases that are used to connect directly to the subconscious mind. The more you repeat a Switchword, the more it affects the energy to create an instant reality. There are different categories of Switchwords which can be applied in our daily lives.

The content in the modality is based on the International Blue Iris Learning Center Curriculum and therefore is extremely good and useful.

Some of the uses are here under:

  • How to remove negative thoughts?
  • Acquiring prosperity
  • How to live a healthy life?
  • How to attract success?
  • How to improve personal relationships?
  • How to be a money magnet?

In this course, you will study about:

  • The basics of Switchwords
  • The formation of Switchwords
  • What are Switch Phrases?
  • What are Switch Codes?
  • How to create Switchwords?
  • What are the uses of Switchwords?
  • How to create Energy circles and attract things you want in life?
  • Uses of Energy Circles, Defusing words, Animal Wisdom and much
  • Reflex Muscle Testing
  • How to create switch pairs
  • How to activate and deactivate Energy Circles
  • Color therapy
  • Healing codes, healing numbers, and frequencies
  • Water charging techniques
  • Chakra healing through switchwords
  • Importance of Gratitude
  • How to increase your money?

Neera Sareen is a famous Certified International Master Practitioner and Trainer of Switchwords. We are proud to say that Neera Sareen is the first Indian to have been personally trained by the Pioneer of Switchwords – Kat Miller in Arizona, USA. This modality is an experience of its kind, study it for an actual experience. The next Switchwords Course is from 23 to 26 Apr  2022.

Switchwords Level 1:

Energy Cleansing Bracelets

RMT Techniques

Introduction to Switchwords

Categories and Switchwords list

How to use Switchwords

Creating Personal Switchwords and Switchpairs

Chanting Techniques

Frequency Numbers, Divine Codes, Angel and Numerology Numbers

Chakra Healing with Switchwords

Defusing Words

Energy Circles – Types and Components

Creating and ways to use the Energy Circles

Colour list, Attributes and Qualities

Water, Crystal and Article Charging Techniques

Energy Circle Charging

Energy Circle and Sandwich

Wealth Multiplier Box

Abundance Cheque

Creating Gratitude Energy Circle

Lots of Interaction and Support

Switchwords Level 2:

Specialised Energy Circles

Diseases and Feelings – Details

Coloured Switchwords, Teeth Switchwords

Flower Energy Circles

Support Energy Blends

Light Support Energies

Animal wisdom- Details

Animal Totem

Planetary Archangels and Switchwords

Energy Vials

Crystal Vibration Healings

Healing Cards – Types and Usage

Vibrational Balancing Images

Vibrational Balancing Cards

Sanjeevinis and Mudras

Practice and Support

Session Glimpses