Reading Runes is the most interesting subject and one of the most popular methods of prediction. In simple words, the word “rune” means mystery, whisper or secret. It’s a powerful form of divination that is used to gain insights into different situations. Rune stones are used to predict the future. They come in a set of 24 ancient alphabetic symbols. They can also be made of different materials like wood or glass and look very attractive and eye-grabbing. Rune stones come with a book of instructions which vividly describes different symbols.

This is an age-long study dating back to ancient use by Germanic and Nordic tribes. Even today, this modality is being used to give readings.

In this course, you will:

  • Understand the origin and meaning of different Runes
  • Explore amazing methods of casting runes
  • Interpretation of runes and their elements
  • Understanding different meanings like Hagal, Tyr, WYRD and more
  • How to give readings

So, it’s high time to learn this subject and enhance your personal development and spiritual growth. You can help others and start giving professional readings too. There are both upright and reversed meanings. There is also one blank rune which is a symbol of unlimited possibilities and growth in all areas.

Neera Sareen is one of the most popular Runes Reader and has been practising Runes Reading for many years. Her predictions are accurate, meaningful and encouraging.

Join the course now at AUM KARMA and make your learning easier with the expert—Neera Sareen. Next Course is from 23 to 25 Apr 2022 .

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