The Study is to Experience the 78 degrees of Wisdom, Spiritual teachings, and Psychological analysis. Even if you have never learned the meaning of any individual card or know nothing about Tarot reading, you can discover that each card is connected deeply with your everyday life and is a mirror to your inner self. Tarot cards is not only a Divination tool, but also help us explore the psyche and delve deeper into dimensions like past, present, and future.

Tarot is a tool for achieving self-knowledge and to apply it to your real-life situations as a practical resource.

Once you enroll in this course, you can understand the specific meanings of the cards. From the very start, you can easily give readings for yourself and others. You can also use these cards to Meditate, to Counsel and for Healing. Next Tarot Reading Course is planned from 11 Apr 2022  and after that next course is planned from 20 Apr  2022 .

Tarot Elemental Dignities Course is from 15 to 18 Apr  2022. Astro Tarot  Workshop is from 22nd to 26th Apr 2022.

Get Ready to start your Tarot Journey with the International Tarot Master—Neera Sareen

Neera Sareen is an Internationally Renowned Tarot Card Reader with an experience of  25 years. We feel honoured to say that she has been awarded the “Rishi Parashar Award in Tarot” from the Astrological Society of India.

To name a few of other Awards been Conferred upon her are The Super Achiever Award in 2008, Samaj Rattan Samman in 2010, Priyadarshmi Award in 2012 and The Times of India Award.


Neera Sareen has been a Celebrity Tarot Card Reader and has given over thousand shows in Tarot, Crystal Ball Gazing etc in all of the leading TV channels and has been writing Columns and Articles in most popular magazines like Be Positive, Life Positive, Mystic, Wedding Bells, Ravishing etc.

Why should you be studying Tarot at Aum Karma?


Since the world Tarot Masters have personally trained Neera Sareen in the US and UK, we follow the International Curriculum. AUM KARMA has been Accredited by AIOBP, United States, and therefore, we can offer authentic International Certification.

Course Level

Beginners Level

Professional Advance

Masters Level

The kind of detailing and Reading practices that you learn from Neera Sareen is phenomenal. The mentor has experience of over 20 years, which she has been imparting to her students.

Get ready to explore and dive deep into this super-interesting subject

Course Benefits

Self-Enhancing tool

Imparts Spiritual Awareness

Take it up as a Profession

Helps in Counseling and healing others

Develops the Intuition profoundly

Guidance for Self and others

And Much More…

Session Glimpses

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