As the name suggests, crystal ball gazing involves gazing at the crystal ball, and the reader can look into the present, past and future of the person. You must be amazed to know that crystal ball gazing was popular in the ancient era of Victorian History. A crystal ball gazer dives into the future and can guide accurately what lies ahead in the future. Most of the crystal balls are clear, and the most common crystal ball used for scrying is clear quartz. Many readers also use crystal balls made of smoky quartz, amethyst, selenite, and obsidian.
Before any reading, it is important to clean the ball, which also removes all the negative energy. The crystal ball should be cleaned before each reading. This course will also teach you how to clean the crystal ball, charge it with positive energy, and use for reading.
For crystal ball gazing, one needs to have a lot of practice and patience. In Crystal Ball Gazing, the answers to different questions come in the form of clouds or scenes. After that, depending on the colour or directions of the clouds, the reader gives predictions. It also happens that the actual scene of the query can be seen by the Gazer accurately. Crystal Ball Gazing is a powerful occult science, and the more you practice it, the more you become receptive and adept at reading this powerful ball.
Undoubtedly, a crystal ball is like a door which helps in gaining access to our subconscious mind. So, whatever we look into the crystal ball to understand the prediction is our subconscious mind’s image.
Crystal Ball Gazing is also known as the crystal-seeing, pyromancy, and gastromancy. The crystal ball’s size can differ from a palm-sized ball to a large ball placed on a wooden panel for support. Crystal ball gazing can be used for several predictions like health, finances, decision-making in certain situations, careers, etc.
Neera Sareen has been practising and teaching Crystal Ball Gazing for the last many years. There are vigorous crystal ball gazing practice sessions held at AUM KARMA. So, don’t wait else you miss the boat. Next Crystal Ball Gazing Course is from 13 to 14 Apr 2022.

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