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Aum Adity



When life gets complicated, the fundamentals help guide us through the journey of our lives forming our very foundations. Fundamentals give us hope during our time of need, like our angels that give hope which can carry us through. Angels are ambitious messengers of the Divine who serve as a spiritual channel between Man & God. These foundational values of Angels will guide you.



They say, “Every cloud has a silver lining”. Ever wondered what that silver lining could be?

We all know, ‘There is light at the end of the tunnel’ but there must be something that gives us strength to absorb the darkness and move towards the light. Well, that silver lining on every cloud, and light at the end of every tunnel are the angels who inspire, motivate, comfort, reassure, lead, awaken and accompany us during our trying times of most need.



Angels are the vassals (guardians, or bookkeepers) of cosmic law and can direct us towards the mystical love of God. They help us raise our vibrations to reflect our own consciousness. There are a myriad of angels each with their own name, a personal aura, and crystal signifying their duty & purpose. Thus, they make their presence felt to reassure and comfort us in moments of deep despair.



Angels can be called upon without any formal invocation, and without any religious training. You can call them by your side if you just think of them deeply. So, try calling upon them, to let your angel determine the resolution. Their experience is alive, palpable, and heavenly mystical… it can be transformative. You will always look to them, and they will guide you.



Once invoked within your heart, or out aloud, their vivid & vibrant signs can take many shapes such as fragrant aromas, cloud formations, or in sequential numbers, e.g. asking for a sign from my angels, I opened my eyes, and saw 11:11 on a clock’s space. Or, randomly finding white feathers in unlikely places or if a song relevant to your dilemma turns up on the radio, know that your Angels are omnipresent. Resonating or getting a Pink Quartz Crystals out of nowhere is a sign that angels are connecting to heal your relationships. Last, but not least, they can show up in human forms sometimes as insignificant, but helpful people. They are all around us! They are tied to us, as we are tied to nature.



We can invoke angels to help us resolve something missing, solve a dilemma over a career or relationship, and to enhance the direction for our businesses. They can bring us blessings in the form healings, or for the embarkment of a new or old journey. They can touch us during meditation, help us mourn, and sometimes stand beside. Be rested, and reassured, if we work with them it offers us an opportunity to develop a deeper understanding of ourselves, and our surroundings. We become stronger, with more courage in their presence. As we integrate mind, body & spirit, our vibrational frequencies are balanced, then raised. We achieve a higher state of consciousness. This is a state of bliss, where we are naturally aided by the Angels.



We must call upon Angels with utmost faith, love, humility, with a desire to seek clarity. If our requests are positive, and do not interfere with anyone’s free will, Angels will answer. We can connect through them through meditation, write to them and ask for assistance. Angel Readings provided at AUM KARMA are very effective to communicate with the realm of Angels who motivate us to carry the task at hand. Crystals and Essential Oils associated with relevant angels can be applied once programmed with intentions.

Let these basal fundamentals engross you as you perceive the Angels with all your senses. Awaken your potential within and may there always be an Angel by your side.


Aum Adity