Lord Buddha : The Founder of Buddhism

Aum Aalok
Aum Aalok

Gautama Buddha, popularly known as the Buddha; Siddhartha
Gotama or Siddhārtha Gautama or Buddha Shakyamuni; was born into an
aristocratic family in the ‘Shakya’ clan but eventually renounced lay life. The
Period of his presence was BCE 563 – BCE 483 (80 Years), in LUMBINI, West
Region, Nepal. The ancient scriptures say that that was aFull Moon Day. He
was brought up in ‘Kapilvastu’. He was a Philosopher, Mendicant (Bhikshu- Beg
for Eating), Meditator, Spiritual Teacher, and a Religious Leader as well.
His 45 Years of teaching was based on his insight into the ‘Arising of DUKHA’,
one of the FOUR Foundation Noble Truths of Buddhism, originating from the
unsatisfactory-ness of clinging to impermanent ‘States and Things in Our Lives’
and the Ending of Duhkha—Leading to The State called ‘NIhbana’ or ‘Nirvan’.
The Causes of Suffering and Pain as given by him were: the KLESHAS are –
MOHA (Delusion- Fixed/False Convictions and Confusion), RAGA (Greed,
Sensual Attachment), and DVESHA (Aversion- Dislikes/Dis-Inclinations and
The ‘Ethical Teaching’ of the ‘Dhammapada’, his very initial literary works, is
expressed in the first pair of Verses:
………Paitanjli Yoga Sutra
“The Mind, through its Actions (Kamma), is the Chief Architect
of one’s Happiness and Suffering, both in this Life and Beyond.”
The FOUR Noble TRUTHS, as given by Buddhism are:
1. The TRUTH of Suffering- DUKHHA/PAIN is Temporary/Im-permanent
due to its association with ‘The Impermanent/Temporary’ and that which
actually perishes with time.
2. The TRUTH of CAUSE and SUFFERING- (Samudaya) – Cause of Suffering is
‘Greed/Desire/Attachments/’Tanha’- Isolations-Incompleteness Within/
Thirst/Cravings and this SECOND TRUTH is the basis of Teachings of ‘Karma/Life
after Death Principles’ of Buddhism.
3. The TRUTH of the End of SUFFERING- (Nirhodha) – The Diagnosis of
Illness and Prescription of Medicine (Hope for a Cure)is the THIRD Truth. The
‘Awakening of Buddha’ due to ‘Receiving of Knowledge and Abhyasa
(Practices)’ happens here and leads one to ‘Enlightenment/Nirvana’.
4. The TRUTH of that FREES us from SUFFERING (Magga) – It symbolises
the Path followed to get rid of Suffering. This is the Eightfold path that helps 2
one to overcome severe asceticism and indulgence. According to the Buddha,
the Eightfold Path aids in ‘Enlightenment’.
If you are still confused about the four Truths, take heart; it’s not so simple.
Fully appreciating what the Truths mean takes years. In fact, in some schools of
Buddhism, thorough understanding of the Four Noble Truths defines
‘Enlightenment’ itself.
The Buddha who was also a Seeker, taught a ‘Middle Path’ between Sensual
Indulgence’ and the ‘Severe Asceticism’ (Disciplined Methodologies) found in
the Indian ‘Sramana’ (Disciplined, Toiling Hard, Labours, Exert themselvesRitualistically, and Simple Life Routine).
He taught the ‘Training of the Mind’, that included ‘Ethical Training’, ‘SelfRestraint’ and ‘Meditative Practices’ such as ‘Jhana’. ‘Jhana’ refers to a
meditative state in which the yogi is profoundly still and in perfect
concentration. Their mind is fully immersed in and absorbed by whatever
object they have chosen to focus on. This is considered to be the key in
developing the Buddhist quality of “Right Concentration. He also critiqued the
practices of ‘Brahmin Priests such as ‘Animal Sacrifice’ and ‘the Caste System’.
The Eight Fold Path of Gautam Buddha
As with all Buddhist teachings, we are asked to consider, contemplate and live
the teachings. We are not asked to take anything on faith; it’s about selfdiscovery of the truth of the Buddha’s Teachings.
Just as a quick overview, here are the eight “rights”:
 Right Understanding
 Right Intent
 Right Speech
 Right Action
 Right Livelihood
 Right Effort
 Right Mindfulness
 Right Concentration
Now, this ‘RIGHT’ is something to do about being ‘Correct’ and NOT that there
exists something ‘Wrong’; as well. They have to be absorbed within before
they are ‘Taught’ to others for ending our ‘Sufferings/Pain (s).
Buddha’s Means of Communication Leading to ‘Silence/Mindfulness’
Buddha also spoke about the following three principles to be adopted in our
lives for communication, both with self and others. These would lead to
‘Silence/Mindfulness/Peace/Conservation of Energies and would propel our
own competencies and make us better ‘Humane’ Human Beings. 3
These three Principles are (Acronym-G/K/P UT):
1. Speak Good/Kind/Peace of Others. Avoid back biting and
thinking/visualising/talking evil about others. Keep the Intent and Emotion as
2. Speak what you know as TRUE/TRUTH based on Facts NOT Hearsay.
3. Speak what is USEFUL for others and NOT for SELF.
Buddha Purnima
On this auspicious day which is celebrated to commemorate the Birth
Anniversary of Lord Buddha, The Founder of Buddhism. This day is celebrated
as Vaisakhi Purnima also and followed by Indians, Sri Lanka, Parts of Bhutan,
Mayanmar, Cambodia, Java, Indonesia, Tibet, and Mongolia.
The celeb ration of Buddha Purnima is all about adopting the Teachings of
Buddhism- Non-Violence, Peace, and Harmony.
Aum! Amen!! Ameen!!










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