Aum Madhu
Aum Madhu

It’s all about faith – Energy Circles
Where there is hope, there is faith.
Where there is faith, miracles happen.
No matter who we are, life is rarely easy. It can be fun ,exciting and
interesting but most of the times it is challenging. somewhere we all are
struggling in our lives for a better career, financial conditions, health or
Even though life does not come with instructions manual for our all these
problems but we do have a super powers to help us in all the difficult
moment .A superpower is hope.Together with faith, hope shows us where we
should be and how we can get there.
So switchword is the hope and energy Circle is such faith through which
we can manifest in many ways but one of its most powerful element are
Having faith in energy circle and in the goodness of universe allow
us to solve our problem, manifest our dreams ,keeping In mind our soul plan
and purposes and allow us to see life in an optimistic way.Energy circle
always work for the highest good.
Energy circle- Energy circle means creating energy field inside this circle or
a closed figure with which we can manifest whatever we want.These are
simple means of broadcasting the energy components present in them to a
space, place, person.
Energy Circle are fully enclosed figure drawn on paper or can be printed .It
can be round , heart-shaped, square, rectangular, oval, etc. the only thing
that is to keep in mind while making energy Circle is that the beginning and
end Connect, and there are no breaks in the perimeter of line.

Energy Circle versus switch words
Energy circle are used to get 24×7 effect. switch words placed inside the
energy circle are on for broadcasting whether they are being chanted or not.
On the other hand without energy circles switch words are only
activated when you specifically chant them. Energy circle are used to send remote healing energy switch words to a place
or thing or even to yourself.
It is advisable to put not more than two or three switch phrases in energy
circle and it is preferred to have no more than three energy Circle actively
sending energy to a person, place or thing at one time . Energy cycle can also
include diffusing words ,energy frequencies ,healing energy vibration
techniques, flower energy etc.
Steps for creating ECs
1. Write the name of the person for whom the broadcast is being set up.
2. Write switch words emotional freedom Files, healing energy vibration
techniques, flower energies etc we wish to send to the person.
3. Now draw a single circle around the persons name and the switch words
that we have taken to send healing.
Powerful energy circle :-
No matter how big the problem maybe this mantra Kunjitha Padam Saranam
will heal it. It can heal any physical problem. Divine magic begin now through this energy Circle the surrender to the
supreme powers and asked them to show and begin their magic to fulfil our
wishes and manifest our desire the divine grace love and care we can use it
for any desire or wish.
Methods of using energy circles – ( you can use any or all methods)
Name writing method:
Take a colour print, write name inside the EC and fix on a wall. You can write
your name in only any 3 ECs. That is the limitation in this method.
Photo placing method:
Take a colour print, place your photo on the EC on the table. You can only
you can use only any 3 ECs this way. That is the limitation in this method.
(both above methods combined, only three seas are allowed.)
Water charging method:
Keep a transparent water bottle on laminated colour print of easy/mobile
screen/tab screen/laptop screen displaying easy for 15 to 20 seconds.The
same water bottle can be charged with many other ECs . Drink this water in
small steps throughout the day.
Pills charging method:
Just like water charging, use plain sugar pills transparent glass/plastic bottles
available in homeo shops. This is for convenience purpose where water canʼt
be carried. Three finger method:
Place three middle fingers of non-writing hand on laminated colour print of
PC/mobile screen/tab screen/laptop screen displaying EC for 15-20 to receive
energy from EC. (leave thumb and pinky finger,rest three fingers to be used)
Under pillow method:
Keep the EC colour print under pillow, bed mattress where you sleep at night.
So that the EC is in your body energy field. The EC can be kept permanently
Keeping energy circles active
Energy circles can be used as a “set it and forget it” technique. Once created,
energy circles can be placed on a desk or any flat surface or hung on a wall.
Deactivating energy circles
Energy circle is temporarily deactivated when its face down. Energy circle is
permanently deactivated when it is trashed or if the paper is folded.
So be ready for miracles happen in your life .we design personalised energy
circle ,according to your need.
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