Tap into Your Inner Space to find a way to your Sacred Space

Aum Aalok
Aum Aalok

Tap into Your Inner Space to find a way to Your Sacred Space


         “Inner Space” to all of us is deep seated within us, only to be found out by us, could be under guidance and only through your own ‘GURU Tattva (The Element that takes you from ‘Darkness to Light’). Incidentally, very few of us are able to find this ‘Inner Space’ of ourselves.


I am sure you would like to ask yourself, “Why is it that we are not able to lay our own hands in our own backyards and find this ‘Peaceful Inner Space’ of ours?”


The fact of the Matter is that this ‘Inner Space’ of ours is note a cleansed space and thus starts taking us further away from our ‘Natural Self.



What Does the Inner Space Actually Mean?


The first step to cleanse the ‘Inner Space’ is to know what actually this space is within us. Let us check our self-known composition?

Who Am I?

Am I the Elements– The Panch Bhu-Tattvas, The Five Elements: Space, Air, Fire, Water, or Earth?

Am I the Vital Air Sheath that I breathe In and out and that too divides itself in to FIVE major parts?

Am I the Five Cognitive Senses (Janaendriyas)- Ears, Skin, Eyes, Tongue, or Nose; the Five Functional Senses (Karmendriyas)- Expression (Throat), Hold (Hands), Walk (Feet), Pro-Create Organs (Sex), or Anus (Excretion- Liquid/Solid); or the Five Sense Perceptions (Five Tan-matras)- Hearing, Touch, See, Taste, or Smell?

Am I the Mind that receives all the inputs from the Sense Organs/Cognitive Senses or the instructions that the given to the Five Functional Sense Organs through which we interact with this Universe/Physical Existence/The World that we live in?

Am I the ‘The Lower Mind’– Connected the EGO, Chitta (Memory Bank- Sub- and the Un-Conscious Mind) or the only Functional Mind?

Am I ‘The Higher Mind’– ‘The Intellect’ that was the Third Entity generated by the UNION of Shiva (Purusha- The Passive Pure Force) and Shakti (Creative Force)?

Am I more than ‘The Higher Mind’– The ‘Witnessor/Creator/Purusha/Reality/Truth/Parmatama that is the ‘Purest Form’ of existence and with which we all have to marge one fine day?


Now, Comes the Tapping of what WE are or Wishing to be What We Wish to Be

The identification of Our-selves as which of the Identities that we resonate with as explained above is very important.

Thus, we could identify our-selves from The Physical Gross Body/Plane (Sathoola Sharir), The Elements, Vital Force (Breath), or The Body. Here-in, we are associated and indulged within the parameters of the Lower Three Chakras of ‘Eating, Pro-Creating, or the Material World of Existence alone.

To some extent, we could also be associated with the 4th Middle (Heart), or the 3rd Chakra (Throat), 2nd (Third Eye), or the 1st (Crown). But this association would only to fulfil our basic Lower Three Chakras.

We could associate our-selves with The Subtle Body (Sookshama Sharir)– ‘The Lower Mind- Mind, Ego, Chitta’ only. What EGO do we carry with us, what all we fill in to our Sub- or the Un-Conscious Memory, we only can identify? Is it Positive Compassion or Control or Insecurities, is the question that we have to answer to ourselves, honestly.

We could associate ourselves with The Causal Body (Karana Sharir)– The Body that allows the ‘Law of Karma’ which keeps moving between ‘Vrittis (experiences) and Desires, Needs, and Wants, connected to the Physical and Subtle Bodies without our permission, on its own- automatic mode, through the “Auto Neuro Systems- Para-Sympathetic or the Sympathetic’ set by our pre-conditioned (Habitual Mind), the Heart, and the Brain together.

Now, this happens due to ‘Ignorance (Lack of the Right Knowledge) and also due our ‘Non-Acceptance’ that we do not have the “Right Knowledge’.




It is for us to take the direction that we wish to identify ourselves with the correct ‘Inner Space’ of ours. The one that takes us towards ‘The Higher’ or the one that takes us to ‘The Lower’ directions of Life?

Do we wish to move to the 8th to 12th Chakras or stay within the precincts of ‘The Lower three’, needs to be our call once we develop the ‘Discriminatory Powers’ (The Viveka)- Decision Making Powers.


Of course, the higher we soar in the present life, the better it would be to move away from the ‘Life after death’ and reach the zenith of ‘Peace, Tranquillity, and BLISS!’

Thus, Know, Understand, Realize, and Apply to reach the ‘Purest Inner Space’ which is the most ‘Sacred Place’ of yours that is our ‘Witnessor’ deep within which is but ‘Partmatama’ within our ‘Atma’, within us!

Each SOUL is seeking it!


Aum! Amen!! Ameen!!!


AUM Aalok







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