What is Spirituality – For The Mortal Human Understanding ?

Aum Aalok
Aum Aalok

What is Spirituality- for the Mortal Human Understanding?


         Spirituality is the least understood topic in today’s evolving times. Thanks to Google and so many of us ‘Humans’ trying to coin the word together; a lot more deeper and incoherent dimensions have been painted to this topic. I would be trying to make this term sound simple and easy to understand for each of us ‘Mortal Human Being’.


What Spirituality is NOT


First, we shall see as how ‘Non-Dualists’ or the ‘Advaitian’s approach any topic. What Spirituality is NOT? It is not about your ‘Psychic Powers’. It is not about following a Religion alone. It is not about being Karmic alone in fact; religion and karmas have also been mis-understood by us. It is not about ‘Knowledge of Esoteric/Tantra/Occult/Science subjects’ that we have gained and are practising the same. These are mere achievements of milestones and speak only about our competencies to transform lives.


Spirituality is NOT alone the understanding of ‘The Five Elements’, ‘The Five Pranas’, ‘The Five Organs’, ‘The Five ‘Cognitive (Janana-Indriyas) Senses’, ‘The Five (Karma-Indriyas) Functional Organs, ‘The Antahkarna- Mind (Manas), Ego (Ahamkara), Intellect (Buddhi), and the Memory Bank (Chitta)’, MAYA (Ignorance)- The Veilist and The Projectionist, The Gross, Subtle, Causal Bodies, and the Panch-Koshas, or the 7 or 12 Chakras. These are all ‘Tools of Functionality’ provided to us for living our lives.


Then What Spirituality Is


Spirituality involves endorsing a higher form of life or attributing some kind of conscious awareness to the universe or existence and in this awareness, the existence of ‘The Human Being’- Our role and our purpose of life.

Yes, Spirituality can vary dramatically, but most say that this is what gives human lives a sense of meaning and coherence.


Spirituality is in knowing the ‘True Nature’ of ‘Existence’ in which the ‘Human Being’ has a much larger scope as similar to the ‘Creator’, ‘Maintainer’, and the ‘Destroyer’- The Swaroop of The Mahavaakya ‘AHAM BRAHMSAMI’. What we start believing as Spirituality is the ‘Processes and the Tools’, as enumerated above and then mix and match what suits as per our MAYA SWAROOP- as what is the needs, wants, and desires of our MInd which we term as ‘Living’ our Lives.


Spirituality is ‘Focus and Concentration- SAADDH’ which has its first baby steps in ‘Guided Meditations’. ‘SADDH’ is much deeper in SELF which comes from ‘Deep Inner Silence’ which searches for the ‘True Nature of the Human Being’. It is here that we are the ‘Purest in Existence without any Forms, Intents, Emotions, Words, Thoughts, and Actions’.


In Conclusion


Spirituality is about keeping things open and looking with wider perspectives not bound by our own generated ‘Time, Space, or Causations’.

There are no ‘Limits Assigned’, ‘No Self Perspectives’, and ‘No Guidelines’. Each one of is as pure as the other and even others have their ways of behaviours, it needs to be accepted as their ‘Route’ which will get corrected today or tomorrow. Let their SOUL evolve as yours is evolving!

In Spirituality, we as Lights, if we do consider ourselves to be that, take an individual from ‘Darkness to Light‘, ‘GU to RU’, as is the task of the two syllables in the word GURU.


Spirituality has no ‘Taking’ but only ‘Giving’. Words cannot express this feel of ‘Existence’ which is the only and truest form of SAT-CHITTA-ANANADA’- The Spirituality at its deepest.


No one is perfect and that is why we, as humans have taken birth to cleanse ourselves through the ‘Spiritual Practices’ to merge with ‘Existence, ‘The TRUTH’, and ‘The REALITY’


It is in LIFE that we walk and talk the path of Spirituality and merge with ‘The LIGHT’ and here-in, Every-One becomes ONE!”


Remember, it ain’t in Knowing what you know, It ain’t in Understanding what you understand, It ain’t in Realizing what you do realize, It is only in Application in what you Know, Understand, and Realize that

Spirituality will propel you to the Optimum Elevation- Enlightenment!!


Stay in Gratitude!!”

Aum! Amen!! Ameen!!!”

Aum Aalok